Pneustream Waterborne Paint Composite Air Dryer Gun with In Line Air Regulator

Product Description
$ 42.99
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This air dryer gun works with water-borne paints in particular, but also solvent based materials can be dried rapidly by blowing air at the coated surface. This air dryer gun is especially suitable for the dry-blowing of smaller surfaces such as doors or fenders.
The compressed air required for the dry-blowing is supplied at the air connection. By opening the inline air regulator, the blowing process is initiated. The air streaming through the specially shaped blowing slits causes an underpressure which sucks in further air in the area of the filter holder. The sucked in air is cleaned by the stainless steel sieve.
Increases air flow 10:1
Adjustable Inline Air Regulator
Maximum pressure: 98 psi
Working Pressure: 43 psi
Weight:  9.34 oz
Air Consumption: 7 cfm
Sku: PN30184

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