Mini Jump Starter Clamp (Upgraded Safety Features)

Product Description
-Automatic Polarity Detection
Smart battery clamp detects proper connection before sending power.
-Beep Alert for Incorrect Connection
A warning beep will sound when clamps are connected incorrectly.
-Reverse Charging Protection
Current from the battery and alternator is stopped, not sent back to the jump starter.
-Short Circuit Protection
In an event where 2 clamps contact each other, you will not short the battery or cause any sparks.
-Manual Override
An override option is provided when you need to send power through the smart battery clamp and forgo all of the safeguards, so that it can start a car with low battery or no battery at all.
-Use with almost any brand pocket jump starter (Powerall, Antigravity, All-Start, Juno power, Rockford)
$ 22.99