TGR 9pc Windshield Removal Tool Kit with High Strength Cutting Line

Product Description
  • Extra strong and durable aramid wire provides longer use than most cutting wires in the market. It comes with a complete 9-piece tool kit for windshield changes.
  • Self-locking wire lever provides one way direction wire pull out
  • Long and flexible T-Handle piercing tool for getting the wire out easily
  • Suction cup is easy to attach the windshield with a clamp lever
The TGR 9pc Windshield Removal Tool Kit works without any cutting blades and it does not use a metal wire. A specially designed fibre line is used to cut through the adhesive bead. The high tensile strength cutting line reaches a similar performance as conventional metal cutting wires, but at the same time it is so soft and flexible that it does not damage the vehicle‘s paint or sensitive surfaces of the interior. The cutting line can be used several times; usually you will be able to cut out 4-5 windshields with one piece of cutting line. Thanks to the ingenious design of this small and handy device, it only requires four different positions to completely remove a windscreen.

$ 379.95