2" Polyurethane (Roloc Type) Type 3 Quick Change Disc Holder

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Product Information

Have you ever tried to remove the worn roloc disc and it is so tightly wound?

As you apply pressure to the disc while you working with a tool that is spinning at 18,000 rpm,  it tightens the roloc disc even more.  When the time comes for you to remove the worn disc, your greasy hands could not grip on the disc holder?
Our exclusive Polyurethane roloc Disc Holder is your solution.   With a built in 19mm square nut, it allow you to easily remove the worn disc with the aid of a 19mm wrench.   This revolutionary disc holder is designed to both save you time and effort while trying to change out the worn roloc discs.


  • Polyurethane material is stronger and more durable than traditional rubber roloc holders for added safety.
  • Metal Threaded Insert 1/4" shaft diameter
  • Easy removal of worn out discs with a 19mm wrench. (Wrench not included)
  • This disc holder provides firm support for "Roloc" surface conditioning discs.
  • Max: 25,000 RPM
  • Patent Pending

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