5.5" Foam DA Pads for use with 5" Backing Pads (Heavy Cut, Medium Cut, Polish)

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5.5" foam pads that fit the all DA polishers with a 5" backing plate. The quality and craftsmanship of these new pads is far superior to anything on the market. We have taken the extra step to evenly trim the Velcro loop back from the outer edge of the pad to prevent accidental contact with the paint that could cause $100s or possibly $1000s in damages. Our pads our consistently crisp and cleanly cut. The side walls of the pad are perfectly straight down on every pad.  Check your current stock and you will find inconsistent concaved sidewalls.  This is due to incorrect cutting procedures.  You will find every pad will look different. A common problem with Velcro pads is the Velcro peeling off.  We are using an adhesive that will never come off ever. It is heat resistant, chemical resistant and 100% fully washable over and over again.

  • 5.5" Diameter for use with 5" backing pads
  • 1" Thick
  • Hook and Loop Backing
  • 1x Yellow Foam Heavy Cut, 1x Orange Foam Medium Cut, 1x White Foam Polishing
  • Euro Prepolymer Foam

1x Yellow Foam Heavy Cut
1x Orange Foam Medium Cut
1x White Foam Polishing

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