Air Adjusting Regulator Valve with Digital Pressure Gauge for Spray Guns and Air Tools (1/4” NPS)

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Product Information

  • Aluminum valve body with Digital pressure gauge
  • Provides optimal pressure for HVLP spray guns
  • Standard Air inlet and outlet fits almost any spray gun. Male/female 1/4 inch NPS threads
  • Air Adjustment gauge range 0-160 PSI, Air Flow volume: 16 CFM
  • Easy to read Digital Gauge. Air Adjustment gauge range 3-160 PSI. Auto ON/OFF. If the gauge detects a change of pressure above 3 psi, the gauge will automatically turn on. The pressure gauge will remain on for the full duration while using the spray gun and will turn off once the air hose is disconnected.
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery

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