Digital Tire Inflator with Accurate LCD Gauge and Straight Clip-On Chuck

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Product Information

  • Pressure increments: 0.5psi/0.05bar
  • Operating temperature: -14 ~ 113 F
  • Functional operating range: 0 ~ 160 psi 
  • Accuracy: 2.5 ~ 80 psi = +/- 1.5 psi; 81 ~ 160 psi= +/- 2.0 psi
  • Lithium battery life: CR2032 will last more than 3200 on/off cycles (auto off periods of 90 seconds)
  • Battery is replaceable
-Dual purpose single button. Push on; Push off; 3-second push for calibration which is indicated on the tire gauge face label.
-Squeezing the handle shows the pressure in the air tank. Releasing the handle shows the pressure in the tire.
Made in Taiwan

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