Frontline Wood Clamp System - Flatten & Clamp in One Action (920mm/36.2inch) (3 Clamps)

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Product Information

A brilliant new solution for edge jointing solid wood panels. Once you’ve seen the Frontline system, you’ll never use sash cramps again. It’s so easy!


1.Lift off the upper clamp bar
2.Lay up the glued pieces
3.Replace the upper clamp bar
4.Wind the handle…


No more trial and error tightening while you try to obtain a flat panel with your mallet!

Better joints too, because adjusting flatness by mallet tends to wipe glue off the faces.

At least four times faster than sash cramps, plus a whole lot less planing and sanding!



3x Clamps

1x Handle


Customer Reviews

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Michael Burnside
A tool that will change you woodworking forever

Like the Domino, these clamps will change your woodworking. They are expensive, but they are built to the standards that demand the price. I've done hundreds of glue-ups and generally things go fine, but often I use a dominos for alignment and careful setup, alternating clamps and pinching the seams at the end is required. Not true with Frontline. Just clamp 1" from the ends and equally spaced thereafter and you'll have a perfect seam if your milling is good. I cannot stress that these are unlike anything else on the market, not only in build quality but functionality. Highly recommended.

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