Jackco 10 Ton Snap-on Type Hydraulic Body Frame Repair Kit

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Product Information

Complete Kit Includes attachments for most Pulling Pushing, Lifting, Bending, Straightening & Spreading used in Automotive, Truck, Body, and Frame Repair


-Great for popping dents out of sheet metal doors

-Easy to get into tight areas



Blow Molded Case

24" Extension Tube

21" Extension Tube

10" Extension Tube

5" Extension Tube

Serrated Saddle

Spreader Ram

3 1/4" Rubber Head

Flat Base

Spreader Ram Toe

Spreader Plunger Toe

Wedge Head

90 degree V-Base


10 Ton Hydraulic Unit Hand Pump

10 Ton, 6" Stroke Ram

6 Ft. Hose with Half Coupling

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