Shinemate - 7" Black Diamond Yellow High Cut Foam Pad to fit 6" Backing Plates (5 Pack)

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Product Information

  • The ShineMate 'Black Diamond' Yellow T80 high cut foam has an intensive cutting action that will remove deep scratches, over spray, severe swirl marks, #1500 sanding disc marks, and heavy oxidation when used in conjunction with heavy polishing compounds.
  • The ShineMate Black Diamond pads are a revolutionary new patent pending series of polishing pads developed for use with both a rotary and DA polisher. The ShineMate Black Diamond Series pads offer a number of unique features to create possibly the perfect polishing pads. The most notable feature is the diamond face, designed to reduce heat build and polish splatter. The diamond face reduces the surface friction keeping the surface cooler and more controlable.
  • The Black Diamond pads have an angled edge design, so it's possible to polish extremely accurately to the edges of panels. The other benefit of this design is it creates edge to edge backing of the velcro, which aids in centering the pad and on dual action polishers reduces the chance of pad failiure. The pads has a center hole designed to reduce heat build up which can lead to premature failure of the pad. These pads were developed from the ground up to be the most effective on the market.
  • Designed for both Rotary & DA polishing. Reduce polish splash, reduce heat build-up. Reduce vibration and offer smoother handling. Withstand high temperature and water wash
  • 5 x 7" (180mmx30mm) Black Diamond Yellow High Cut Foam Pad to fit 6" (180mm) Backing Plate

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